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Visa refusals and cancellations

Visa refusals and cancellations

In some circumstances, the Immigration Department may send you a letter advising you that they have refused your visa, or they are considering cancelling your visa. The refusal letter or notice of cancellation will provide you with the reason for refusal or cancellation and provides you with the critical date to respond.

At this point, we strongly advise you to contact a registered migration agent to seek advice on the best course of action. You have limited time to respond to the Department’s decision and it is very important to act in time.

Depending on the circumstances, there are several avenues to review or appeal a decision, such as merit review through the Administrative Appeal Tribunal, judicial review through the Federal Court and intervention by the Minister for Immigration. Applying for a review is a complex process and requires experienced immigration experts to ensure you will take advantage of your right to review by lodging a strong review application.

If you have received a notice of intention to consider refusal or cancellation, CONTACT US now and we can assess your options to appeal the decision if you are eligible.

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